Hello, my name is Yamuna Valenta and I am working as an illustrator, art director and visual designer. Beyond visual design I create concepts for art projects, campaigns, events and videos. I also write comics and philosophical texts about contemporary issues. At the moment I am establishing my kintsugi atleier in 1080, take a look here: kintsugi.wien 

I am working as a graphic designer – freelance and in companies – since 2006. Since 2009 I do conception, branding and art direction. I graduated from a graphic- and communications design college in 2007 and got my master in Industrial Design from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2014. In April 2019 I received a Doctor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Art and Design in Kyoto, Japan.

I speak English fluently and Japanese on an intermediate level. German is my mother tongue.